Ecott V2.9 microfiltration - soda



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Multistage microfiltration system: Ecott V2.9

Using this microfiltration system, theHouse water is microfiltered without undergoing any alteration of its mineral properties, as is the case with reverse osmosis systems.

It is connected directly to the water mains e Linstallation is carried out under the sink, in a vertical position.

2 microfiltered water outlets:
-natural environment
- carbonated environment

The complete microfiltration system consists of three water treatment systems:

  • In-line sediment filter 2.5 "x 11" - 5 micron
  • Everpure activated carbon filter - 0.5 or 0.15 micron (to be purchased separately)
  • Membrane filter for ultrafiltration - 0.1 micron

The sediment filter has the usefulness of preserving the hydraulic system and increasing the life of the filter by removing the presence of sediments and suspended particles.

Microfiltration through the use of activated carbon filters guarantees the purification of water from: chlorine, bad smells and tastes, cysts, asbestos fibers, dirt, mold and algae.

Ultrafiltration is used to cope with problems such as: heavy metals, macromolecules, colloids, viruses and bacteria.

The everpure filter is not included in the price, because the microfiltration system can be combined with a wide range of everpure filters with different autonomies and functions.

The price includes a two-way tap, and an installation kit.

Data sheet

Production of filtered water: 2,700 liters per day

Vertical installation

Inlet pressure switch and solenoid valve

Booster pump with anti-flood sensor and control unit

Carbonated water is produced by a 1 liter stainless steel carbonator

Digital liter-counter with batteries

External casing in epoxy powder coated sheet metal

Pressure (min / max): 0.7 - 4 bar

Operating temperature (min / max): 2 - 38 ° C

Dimensions (cm): 10 (L) x 43 (P) x 45 (H)

Weight: 7 kg


Water inlet: 3/4 "male thread or 3/8" John Guest quick coupling

CO2 inlet: 1/4 "John Guest quick coupling

Natural water outlet: 1/4 "John Guest quick connection

Sparkling water outlet: 1/4 "John Guest quick coupling

Inline Sediment Filter 2.5 "x 11"

Removes from water: sediments, dirt and impurities (rust, earth, sand and suspended particles).

Filtration capacity: 5 micron

Intended use: reverse osmosis systems and microfiltration

Autonomy: 9500 liters

Flow rate (max): 2.8 lpm

Pressure (max): 8 bar

Temperature (max): 38 ° C

Replacement: 6/12 months

Everpure filters recommended

With 0.5 micron filtration capacity:

  • AC: autonomy 2840 liters
  • 2DC: autonomy 2840 liters + bacteriostatic action
  • 4C: autonomy 11350 liters
  • 4DC: autonomy 5,677 liters + bacteriostatic action

With 0.15 micron filtration capacity:

  • Microguard Pro 2: 8330 liters autonomy
  • Microguard Pro 4: autonomy 13600 liters

2.5 "x 12" ultrafiltration filter

Removes from water: heavy metals, macromolecules, colloids, viruses and bacteria

Filtration capacity: 0.1 micron

Autonomy: 11000 liters

pH range: 1-14

Operating pressure: 0.5 - 4 bar

Operating temperature: 20 - 30 ° C

Filter replacement: 6/12 months

Installation kit

2-way tap

1/2 "Tee - M x F x F

hex reduction - 1/2 "x 3/8" M / F

mini ball valve with black handle - M / F 3/8 "x 3/8"

straight terminal John Guest - cylindrical thread (BSP) - 3/8 "x 3/8"

John Guest straight terminal - cylindrical thread (BSP) - 3/8 "x 1/4"

F / F adapter - 3/4 "x 1/4"

John Guest Shank Elbow - 3/8 "x 3/8"

2 meter power cable

3/8 "water connection hose

connection hose tap - 1/4 "CO2 cylinder