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Europa II softener 25 lt

Water softener model Europa II

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Water softener model Europa II

Utilities: apartment / villa with 4-8 inhabitants

Europa II is a household appliance, which is used for softening hard water. Softening takes place through the use of strong cationic resins, which exchange the ions responsible for the hardness and formation of limestone: calcium (Ca2 +) and magnesium (Mg2 +), with sodium ions (Na +). During the ion exchange, the resins gradually lose the sodium ions, which are transferred to the water, and consequently their softening power gradually decreases. For this reason, softeners need to regenerate the resins with a wash consisting of a concentrated solution of water and sodium chloride (table salt), also called "brine". This phase is called resins regeneration, and is completely managed by a valve which can be mechanical or electronic.

This softener model uses a Fleck 5600 electronic volume / time valve, which allows 4 different ways of regenerating the resins:

1) Chronometric regeneration: it is set automatically by choosing the interval of days and the time in which the valve must start the regeneration.

2) Weekly chronometric regeneration: it is based on the days of the week and the times in which the valve must start the regeneration

3) Delayed volumetric regeneration: when the softened water volume has reached the reserve capacity, the valve automatically sets the regeneration to be carried out on the day, during the time that has been set.

4) Immediate volumetric regeneration: occurs automatically when the available volume of softened water is finished.

For convenience, the valve is factory set to regenerate at 2:00 am.

To use softened water for food purposes, we recommend installing an automatic resin disinfection system together with the softener as required by Ministerial Decree No. 443 21/12/1990. This device prevents the proliferation of bacterial charges inside the exchange resin equipment. Its operation takes place during the regeneration phase of the resins: when the brine is sucked, and the disinfection system activates the electrolysis that produces free chlorine to disinfect the resins.

Softener Technical Sheet

Model: Europa II

Resins: 25 liters

Cyclic yield: 120.50 m³ x 1 ° F

Peak flow rate: 1.12 m³ xh

Salt required for regeneration: 2.75 kg / salt

Dimensions (cm): Base 48 x 32 - Height 112

Quantity of water treated for each regeneration:
- With hardness 30 ° F: 4.01 m³
- With hardness 35 ° F: 3.44 m³
- With hardness 40 ° F: 3.01 m³
- With hardness 45 ° F: 2.67 m³
- With hardness 50 ° F: 2.41 m³
- With hardness 60 ° F: 2.00 m³

Valve Technical Sheet

Valve model: Fleck 5600 SXT

Valve type: volume / time

Operating flow 1bar dP: 4.4 m³ / h

Backwash flow rate 1.8 bar dP: 1.6 m³ / h

Tank connection: 2 ”½ 8 NPSM

Inlet / outlet connections: 1 "on request 3/4"

Operating pressure (min / max): 1.4 - 8.5 bar

Operating temperature (min / max): 4 - 43 ° C

Power supply voltage: Transformer 230-24 VAC

Motor power supply: 24 VAC

Power frequency: 50-60Hz

Valve body material: PPO

Softener modelEurope II 25 lt
Apartment users6/8 people
Softener resins25 liters
Salt consumption for regeneration2.75 kg / salt
Volumetric valvewith 4 types of regeneration: chronometric, immediate, delayed and mixed
Water consumption for regeneration150 liters
Quantity of water treated for regeneration30 ° f-4.01m3, 35 ° f-3.44m3, 40 ° f-3.01m3, 45 ° f-2.67m3, 50 ° f-2.41m3, 60 ° f-2.00m3
Capacity (max)1.12 m³ / h
Exchange capacity120.50ºfh x m³
Pressure (min / max)1.4 - 8.5 bar
Temperature (min / max)2 - 43 ° C
Water inlet / outlet1 "F
Dimensions (cm)48 x 32 x 112 (H)
Weight30 kg