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Filtro Oceano Techno GAC (gac Ag + PP 1m) - Large 34.000 lt



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  • Oceano Techno GAC Filter Large
  • Filtration capacity: 5 micron
  • Removes from water: small suspended particles, odors and flavors.
  • Waterline Bayo attack. It is compatible with the Everpure QL2B filter head

Short description
It consists of a filtering medium of granular silver activated carbon followed by a filter for the retention of small suspended particles present in the water. The filter system has bacteriostatic properties, achieves a low pressure drop, has great TSS retention capacity and completely eliminates odors and flavors from the water.

Installation and use
Bayonet mount for Everpure QL2B and similar heads.

Vertical or horizontal installation with the aid of cartridge support clips.

1) Before removing the filter, close the water inlet and eliminate the pressure in the circuit by opening the downstream tap.

2) Rotate the exhausted filter 90 ° clockwise, then remove the cartridge from the head.

3) Insert the new filter, after removing the protective cap, and turn it 90 ° counterclockwise.

4) Open the inlet valve and dispense water to activate the new filter for at least 3 minutes.

After short periods of inactivity, run water before taking it out for drinking.

In case of prolonged non-use, disinfect the system.

Intended use

Composite structure filter (dm 25/2012, ex dm 443/990 art.2 paragraph 8) for drinking water treatment in derogation with arsenic parameter

Do not use where the water is microbiologically hazardous or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection upstream and after the system.

Filter modelTechno GAC Filter 5 µm
Actionremoves small suspended particles, odors and flavors from the water.
Filter technologyFilter system for the treatment of small particles with silver granular activated carbon. It has bacteriostatic properties, with low pressure drop and large TSS retention capacity
Capacity (max)10 liters / minute
Temperature (min / max)2 - 39 ° C
Filtration capacity5 microns
Treatment capacity64500 liters
DM 25/2012 certificationtechnical provisions concerning equipment for the treatment of drinking water. EU Regulation 10/2011 concerning plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with food products.
DM 174/2004 certificationregulation concerning the materials and objects that can be used in fixed installations for the collection, treatment, adduction and distribution of water intended for human consumption.
Filter body materialPP
Height (cm)52.8
Diameter (cm)8.8
Filter formatLarge