CO2 cylinder for Sodastream System - Wassermaxx - with vacuum return - 3 pieces View larger

Sodastream CO2 cylinder - 3 pcs - with vacuum return

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€ 34,80 tax excl.

€ 42,46 tax incl.

Normally the processing times for this product are 24 / h working from the order.
For orders of more units, please contact us to ensure real availability.

CO2 refill service for Sodastream cylinders

Delivery of the full tank with return of the vacuum by the customer.

All cylinders supplied by H2O are loaded with E290 food gas

The autonomy and duration of the cylinder depend on how much the water is carbonated.

For an average carbonation, about 5 grams of CO2 are used for each liter of water.

The price refers to the purchase of 3 full Sodastream cylinders in exchange of 3 empty Sodastream cylinders.

All CO2 cylinders on the market are interchangeable with each other!
→ Example: Sodastream, Beghelli (the water machine), H2O Spring (Happy frizz), Imetec bubble, Alcojet, Wassermaxx / Wassermate (via adapter), Soda club, Kohlensaure, Jager (Soda Fresh), Gas up, Simple water .

Please note:

To use our top-up service it is necessary to have only empty sodastream cylinders.

The quantity of empty cylinders to be returned must correspond to the quantity of full cylinders delivered.

When ordering, you will receive a label with the shipping code to be applied on the package.

The transport price already includes delivery and collection.

Accepted cylinders must be original and in excellent condition.

We do not accept unlabeled cylinders or cylinders other than those of the manufacturer.

Return procedure

  1. Prepare the empty cylinders to be returned in a sturdy cardboard box for shipping.
  2. Apply the label with the shipping code that was provided to the package.
  3. When the courier delivers the full cylinders to you, return the empty cylinders at the same time.

Data sheet


Capacity: 425 gr. (0.425 kg)

Gas type: food E290

Full cylinder weight: 1.15 Kg

Measurements (cm): 6 (D) x 37 (H)

Autonomy: from 60 to 100 liters of sparkling water

Be careful not to combine this product with others, as transport may be higher. In this case contact us.