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Power Down



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What is that

PowerDown is a special socket that allows you to directly manage your energy consumption by programming the days and hours of operation of any household appliance, thus allowing a reduction in energy consumption and therefore a significant economic saving.

Its use facilitates the shutdown of all appliances that would normally remain on or in Stand-by unnecessarily, allowing you to save over 70% of the electricity costs of water coolers and vending machines.

How does it work

Like a traditional electric plug, it is inserted directly into the common socket, where the socket of the appliance will then be inserted.

Thanks to the digital display and intuitive controls, it allows you to quickly program the days and times for switching on / off the system and therefore the appliances.

Once the operation is set, to disconnect the appliance from the power socket when not needed, PowerDown will always take care of it!

It can be used with any household appliance, in particular its use is recommended in the presence of household appliances that remain in operation all day such as: water coolers, vending machines and refrigerators.

Why use it

The usefulness of the PowerDown socket lies in the fact that almost all appliances connected to the power socket, even if they are inactive (stand-by) or completely switched off, have a minimum consumption of electricity (such as PCs).

Considering that in a week there are 168 hours and assuming that for at least 50 hours many appliances such as vending machines remain in operation for no reason, using a system such as PowerDown you get an energy saving of 118 hours a week, which corresponds to 6136 hours of energy savings per year !!!

Therefore, already in the short term, the use of this particular socket will lead to a considerable energy saving, and therefore a considerable economic saving.

Data sheet

It allows the choice of 3 combinations of use: 5 days (LV), 6 days (LS) and 7 days (LD).

Since it is plugged into the power socket, it takes 12 hours (approximately) to fully charge the internal backcup battery.

Power supply voltage: 230 V - 50 HZ - Ampere 16 (4) A - Maximum Wattage 3680 W

Operating temperature between: -10 ° C and + 40 ° C

Accuracy: +/- 3 seconds per day

Backup battery: Ni MH 1.2V> 100 hours. 1.2V

Large LCD screen

2 Indicator lights, one on and one off for the system (On-Off).

The green LED light indicates when the connected device is powered, while the red LED indicates when the connected device is disabled.

Reset button to restore factory settings

Waterproof and fire resistant

Extremely simple to use