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Floor standing water dispenser model WL3

Recommended product for offices, shops, schools, waiting rooms, pharmacies, gyms, etc ...

Elegant design with structure reminiscent of that of the classic beverage dispenser.

Complete with antibacterial filtration system with UV Firewall system and Biocote surface treatment.

It connects to the water supply with great ease and ensures always fresh and pure water.

3 types of water available:
- natural environment
- natural cold
- cold soda

Three outstanding technologies:

1) Internal filtration system: composed of a Carbon Block filter (CBC) to remove unwanted substances such as excess chlorine, flavors and odors from the water.

2) UV Firewall System: It is fully effective against a wide range of germs. According to over 5,000 laboratory tests, this system guarantees the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses if present in the water. This additional level of reinforced protection also acts on the dispensing nozzle, preventing it from being contaminated.

3) Treatment with Biocote antimicrobial additives: protects the internal and external surfaces of the dispenser from bacterial contamination.

3) Biocote System: removes the risks of bacterial contamination from external parts, through a special treatment with antimicrobial additives.

To carbonate the water it is necessary to use a food-grade CO2 cylinder (E290), which can be chosen in the version: Disposable of 600 gr or Rechargeable of 4 kg or 10 kg

Elegant design with simple buttons and icons for ease of use

Data sheet

Water flow: 1.6 liters / minute

Cold water and cold sparkling water temperature: 5 - 15 ° C

Cold water tank capacity: 4 liters

Carbonated water tank capacity: 1.8 liters

Delivery point height: 22 cm

Filtration: 1 carbon block filter (CBC)

13W UV lamp

UV firewall sensor

Power supply voltage: 220-240 Volt / 50 Hz

Compressor power: 130W

R134a refrigerant gas (72g)

Inlet water pressure (min): 2.6 bar

Inlet water pressure (max): 3.2 bar

Dimensions (cm): 38.5 (L) x 36.5 (P) x 114 (H)

Weight: 32 kg