Straight female terminal - 5/16 "x 7/16 F thread View larger

Straight terminal (UNS) 5/16 (JG) - 7/16 (F)



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Straight female with unified thread - John Guest

Pipe diameter: 5/16 "(8MM)

Thread: 7/16 "(F)

Quick Connect Fittings have been designed for a wide range of applications offering a fast and safe method of connecting pipes.

John Guest fittings can be divided into two types:

A) unit of measurement in millimeters, usually black (metric system).

B) unit of measurement in inches, usually gray in color (imperial Anglo-Saxon system).

The fitting consists of three elements:

The acetal copolymer plastic body, the acetal copolymer tweezers with the stainless steel teeth and the non-toxic nitric rubber oring.

These characteristics make them usable for food liquids, compressed air, co2 and other gas mixtures.

Features of John Guest fittings:

Wide range of sizes available

Quick connection and disconnection

Possibility of reusing both the fittings and the tube

The use of tools is not necessary

High mechanical resistance

Non-toxic materials approved by the FAD (Food and Drug Administration)

The product complies with EEC standards for food products

Practical advice:

For correct installation, check that the pipe is free from scratches and that it is deburred before insertion into the fitting.

The John Guest fitting should not be tightened strongly: it must be tightened by hand and if you use the key, max half a turn more than the hand lock.

Making a joint:

○ Cut the pipe perpendicularly
○ Push the tube into the fitting as far as it will go
○ Check the tightness by pulling the tube

○ Before disconnecting, make sure that the system is depressurized.
○ Push the tube and the tweezers towards the fitting and remove the tube.

Data sheet

Fitting material:

Body: acetal resin

Tweezers: acetal resin with stainless steel teeth

O-ring: non-toxic nitric rubber (NBR)

These characteristics make them usable for food liquids, compressed air, co2 and other gas mixtures.


Fridge carbonator systems

Reverse osmosis systems

Food industry


Compressed air for hydraulic distributors


FDA - food and drug administration (US)

NSF - national science foundation (US)

WRC - water research center (UK)

SK approved (Germany)

CEE (law 777 of 23.08.1982)

Ministerial Decree 174 of 06.04.2004

John Guest CodeCI3210U7S
Thread TypeUNS
Pipes diameter5/16