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Boccione Gola del Furlo - 18 liters



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18 liter bottle in disposable PET

Bottled with spring water which comes from the protected area of the Gola del Furlo nature reserve.

The cap has a format compatible with any type of cooler and is equipped with a protective system, which guarantees maximum water hygiene and safety.

The disposable bottles ensure the absence of external contamination or pollution caused by the plastic material of the container.

Bottle dimensions (cm): 20 (L) x 20 (P) x 60 (H)


1) before inserting the bottle into the water dispenser, remove the safety seal from the cap.

2) avoid exposure to direct light and heat.

3) Store in a cool, dry, clean and odor-free place.

Type of watersource (Fonte Gola del Furlo)
Bottle capacity18 liters
Bottle shapesquare
Bottle materialDisposable PET
Fixed residue at 180 °296.9 mg / l
CO2 free at source13.9 mg / l
pH7.5 μS / cm
Conductivity421.0 μS / cm
Bicarbonates44 mg / l
Football97.1 mg / l
Sodium11.4 mg / l
Magnesium2.3 mg / l
Potassium0.58 mg / l
Dimensions (cm)20 (L) x 20 (W) x 60 (H)
Weight18 kg