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Osmo Maxi 120


The processing times for this product are approximately 3 working weeks from the order.

Model professional sewage treatment plant Osmo Maxi

Reverse osmosis system with high flow and work rate.

Provides quality treated water, from the first to the last liter.

Its use is recommended for industrial and professional use: Ho.Re.Ca sector (hotels, restaurants, bars), pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical and analysis sectors.

Installation requires a direct connection with water from the water supply.

It can be placed horizontally or vertically.

1 water outlet:
- natural environment

The flow rate is 120 liters / hour at 15 ° C, with a recovery rate of 40% and typical rejection * of 95% without the need to rest.

The water is purified through the use of an external pre-filter (Profine Blu) and 2 osmotic membranes of 300 GPD.

The internal components are arranged in an orderly and easy-to-understand way, to allow quick system maintenance and membrane replacement.

External filtration facilitates routine maintenance operations, such as changing the filter (when exhausted).

Electronic control with display to monitor the conductivity, the residual autonomy of the filter and the total operating hours.

A possible lack of mains pressure, flooding, exhaustion of the filter, is signaled by a display and sound alarm system.

External structure made entirely of AISI 430 steel.

Characteristics of the water to be treated

Maximum hardness: 30 ° F

Water temperature (max): 35 ° C

Minimum feed rate: 400 liters / h

Supply pressure (min / max): 1 - 6 bar

Environmental conditions characteristics

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

Ambient temperature (min / max): 3 - 40 ° C


Osmotic water production120 liters / hour
n ° of membranes2
Supply voltage230V - 50Hz - 1.4A
Absorption (max)180W
Size of the membranes300 GPD - 3012
Recovery percentage40%
Membrane autonomyuntil clogging
Discharge1/4 "
Prefiltration1 Profine Blu Small activated carbon filter
Autonomy prefiltration10000 liters
Attacksin 3/4 "M (bsp) - out 3/4" M (bsp)
Dimensions (cm)14.3 (L) x 45 (W) x 45.6 (H)
Weight20 kg