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Marella White



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Filter jug template Marella White

The water is filtered through the Brita filter, which is housed inside the carafe.

The filter contains activated carbon and ion exchange resins, which guarantee the reduction of: chlorine (through activated carbon) and the reduction of metals such as lead and copper (through ion exchangers).

The water obtained is ideal for the preparation of: cold, hot and carbonated drinks (by using water carbonators and concentrates). Furthermore, the use of this water in the kitchen allows to obtain a better quality of food.

The reduction of substances takes place in total safety, according to international standards as required by ministerial decree n. 25/2012.

Attention: filter jugs require regular maintenance in order to guarantee the potability of the water, preventing the formation of any bacterial loads.

Data sheet

Carafe color: White

Suitable for the refrigerator door

Total water capacity: 2.4 liters

Filtered water: 1.4 liters

Water level indicator

Electronic indicator for monthly filter change

Swing lid

Translucent funnel

Machine washable (except lid)

Carafe dimensions (cm): 10.9 (L) x 26.7 (W) x 27.7 (H)

Weight: 0.89 kg