PODS - E.POINT INTENSE Ecomm - 100pcs



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Lavazza Espresso Point Intense Pods (Ex. Aroma Point)

Sales unit: 1 box

The box contains a total of 100 pods (pods are sealed in packs of 2)

Blend composition: 40% Arabica - 60% Robusta

Full and sweet blend. The result is an espresso with a full and intense flavor, with excellent body and creaminess.

Since April 2015
the Lavazza Espresso Point capsule has changed color:
from Bianca to Black.

Data sheet

Producer: Luigi Lavazza SpA - Corso Novara, 59 Turin

Production plant: via Ottaviano, 6 Gattinara (VC)

Name: Lavazza Espresso Point Intense (Aroma Point)

Ingredients: ground coffee

Roast: medium (like caramelized peanuts)

Product packaged in a protective atmosphere

Expiry: never less than 60 days

EAN-13 code: 8 000070 004535

Lavazza espresso point pods dimensions (mm): 39 (L) x 20 (H)