Wave IT 60 Fizz



€ 1.693,00 tax excl.

€ 2.065,46 tax incl.

Normally the processing times for this product are 24 / h working from the order if available (about 3 weeks in case of factory order).

Model over-the-counter water cooler Wave IT 60 Fizz

It is connected directly to the water supply.

3 water supply outlets:
- natural environment
- natural cold
- cold carbonated

Professional cooler with a modern and elegant design made entirely of stainless steel

Suitable for all work activities (offices, bars, restaurants, canteens, hotels) that need to deliver many liters of water.

Dispensing area and drip tray in anodized aluminum

Front door for dispenser maintenance, with safety lock.

Alarm self-diagnosis in case of lack of water or co2.

Dispensing point suitable for any type of bottle and carafe up to 31 cm in height

To administer water to the public, it is recommended to equip the water dispenser with a microfiltration system and a UV lamp as a form of prevention against the formation of bacterial loads.

The price of the water dispenser does not take into account the cost of installation and the optional accessories or necessary for commissioning. For this reason we also recommend looking at the bottom of the page for the list of accessories that can be used for this model.


Ecological R600a refrigerant gas which, in addition to being sensitive to the environmental issue, allows the compressor to run quieter and ensures a longer life of the entire refrigerating apparatus.

It is possible to request the Wave in the no Tall version at the same price. This version has the delivery point 5 cm lower than the Wave, so only bottles and jugs with a maximum height of 27 cm can enter.

Only for the WAVE no Tall version:

4W quartz bactericidal lamp: covers the last 12 cm of the dispensing point sterilizing and preventing bacterial proliferation. + € 80.00

Refrigeration capacity60 liters / hour
Continuous delivery capacity18 liters
Leaving water temperature3 - 10 ° C
Cooling systemice bank
Ice bank capacity3 kg
Dispensing point height (cm)31
Internal filter spacehere I'm
Drip traywith drain
Materialrobust stainless steel and aluminum
Refrigerant gasR134a
CO2 tube inletø 8 x 1 mm
Inlet water pipeø 8 x 1 mm
Safety valveprevents water leaks caused by any internal failures
Supply voltage220V - 50 Hz
Compressor power1/10 HP
Absorption (max)350W
Water supplymechanics
Cooling coilAISI 316 stainless steel
Dimensions (cm)33 (L) x 48.9 (W) x 46.7 (H)
Packaging dimensions (cm)40 (L) x 56 (W) x 49 (H)
Weight35 kg