Atlantis Top 60 ACWG UP



This product is sold exclusively on order, for this reason the processing times are approximately 3 working weeks from the order.

Model over counter water dispenser Atlantis Top 60 WG UP

Atlantis UP is a brand new water dispenser, designed to guarantee high performance, able to meet the professional needs of the Ho.Re.Ca sector (Hotel, Restaurant, Coffee)

Compact and elegant: it is connected directly to the water supply and installed above the kitchen sink or on the counter of the bar, canteen or restaurant.

3 water supply outlets:
-natural environment
-naturally cold
- cold carbonated

It is possible to withdraw 2 types of water at the same time and choose the quantity of water to be dispensed (glass or bottle format).

To carbonate the water it is necessary to use a food-grade CO2 cylinder (E290), which can be chosen in the 4 kg or 10 kg refillable version.

To administer water to the public, it is recommended to equip the water dispenser with a microfiltration system and a UV lamp as a form of prevention against the formation of bacterial loads.

The price of the water dispenser does not take into account the cost of installation and optional accessories or accessories required for commissioning. For this reason we also recommend looking at the bottom of the page for the list of accessories that can be used for this model.


Sanitation with ozone: periodically sterilizes thelast water supply section, eliminating the formation of bacterial loads into the nozzle.

It is possible to choose the material of the external casing of the dispenser: in ABS or in steel.

The 120 liter / hour version is made only in steel.

Refrigeration capacity60 liters / hour
Leaving water temperature3 - 10 ° C
Cooling systemice bank
Ice bank capacity4 kg
Internal filter spacehere I'm
Refrigerant gasR134a
CO2 pressure (min / max)3.5 - 5 bar
Saturator capacity1 litre
Water pressure (min / max)1.5 - 5 bar
Supply voltage220 / 230V - 50/60 Hz single phase
Compressor power1/8 HP
Absorption (max)380 W - 1.7 A
Water supplyelectronics
Dimensions (cm)26.9 (L) x 46.7 (W) x 51 (H)
Weight26 kg