Atlantis In 120 ACWG



Normally the processing times for this product are 24 / h working from the order.

Atlantis 120 IN WG is a professional under counter water dispenser, made for the Ho.Re.Ca sector completely with made in Italy materials.

Compact and elegant: it is connected directly to the water supply and installed under the kitchen sink or under the counter in the bar, canteen or restaurant.

3 water supply outlets:
- natural environment
- natural cold
- cold carbonated

Designed to offer the same performance and ease of use as the over-the-counter model to rooms with space problems, leaving the support surfaces free.

Thanks to special coils it can be installed under the bar counter or away from the taps, managing to keep the water fresh along its entire path.

To work it needs to be combined with a 3-way tap and a drip tray.

To administer water to the public, it is recommended to equip the water dispenser with a microfiltration system and a UV lamp as a form of prevention against the formation of bacterial loads.

The price of the water dispenser does not take into account the cost of installation and the optional accessories or necessary for commissioning. For this reason we also recommend looking at the bottom of the page for the list of accessories that can be used for this model.

Asset water chillers belong to the "SN climate class" and guarantee correct operation with external temperatures ranging between 10 and 32 ° C

To obtain the maximum efficiency of the chiller, the inlet temperature of the mains water must be between 5 and 20 ° C

The performances declared by the manufacturer refer to these parameters:
- Room temperature: 25 ° C
- Humidity 75%

Refrigeration capacity120 liters / hour
Leaving water temperature2 - 8 ° C (adjustable)
Cooling systemice bank
Ice bank capacity8 kg
MaterialAISI 304L stainless steel and plasticized zinc
Refrigerant gasR134a (125g)
CO2 pressure (min / max)3.5 - 6 bar
Saturator capacity2.5 liters
Water pressure (min / max)1.5 - 5 bar
Compressor power1/5 HP
Absorption (max)830 W - 3.6 A
Water supplyexternal tap
Dimensions (cm)26.2 (L) x 45.2 (W) x 48.5 (H)
Weight37 kg