Box 150



€ 1.532,00 tax excl.

€ 1.869,04 tax incl.

Normally the processing times for this product are 24 / h working from the order if available (about 3 weeks in case of factory order).

Under counter water cooler Fontemagna Box 150

It is connected directly to the water supply.

2 dispensing outlets:
- natural environment
- natural cold

Designed for those with space problems, it offers the same performance and the same ease of use as the over counter model, leaving the support surfaces free.

Thanks to special coils, it can be installed under the bar counter or away from the taps, managing to keep the water fresh along its entire path.

To work it needs to be combined with a 3-way tap.

It is possible to integrate the machine with filtration systems to improve the taste and quality of the water.