Aquality 22 CHWG



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Bottle water cooler Aquality 22 CHWG

Chiller color: black and gray

3 water dispensing buttons:
- natural hot
- natural cold
- cold soda

Aquality is a robust and reliable water dispenser, which thanks to an external casing in plastic and plasticized sheet, which is suitable for environments with high hygienic standards.

The very high control panel allows water to be drawn without having to go down too much.

The large dispensing area allows water to be drawn not only with glasses but also with cups and bottles.

Removable drip tray with "tray full" indicator.

The cup holder obtained inside the refrigerator structure guarantees greater protection and prevention against dust and foreign bodies.

The hidden dispensing area and the absence of external taps guarantee maximum water hygiene from external contaminants.

Hot water dispensing safety button (prevents accidental activation)

Optional interior space for disposable CO2 cylinder accommodation.

"No Water" function to safeguard the carbonator in case of running out of water bottle.

The bottle of water is not included in the price


UV Barrier lamp, thanks to its particular circular shape, irradiates the dispensing nozzle directly and closely, preventing bacterial retro-contamination, thus preserving the internal hygiene of the refrigerator, creating a protective barrier between the refrigerator and the external environment. + € 60.00

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Refrigeration capacity22 liters / hour
Leaving water temperature8-12 ° C
Hot water delivery capacity13 liters / hour
Leaving hot water temperaturemax 90 ° C
Cooling systemtank
Dispensing point height (cm)25.6
Drip trayremovable (by modifying the tank can be connected directly to the drain)
MaterialPlastic and plasticized sheet
Drip tray capacity30 cl
Cup holderwith capacity of 100 pieces
Compressor power1/12 HP
Absorption (max)640W
Cold water tank capacity3 liters
Hot water tank capacity1.5 liters
Dimensions (cm)33.7 (W) x 34.5 (D) x 111.9 (H)
Weight25 kg