Who we are

Over 15 years of experience, spent in the service of companies and individuals.

H2O today is the reference point for the rental, maintenance or purchase of any professional drinking water system.

H2O has always distributed and sold professional products for the home, office and for all commercial activities such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

H2O also offers an attentive and quick assistance and maintenance service on all its products.

  • Established: 1999
  • Over 5000 rental customers
  • ISO 9001 certified company
  • H2O is a member of the "Watercoolers Italia" association



Over 1000 square meters of exhibition with thousands of products!

Inside the store you can buy a wide range of products: water filters, personalized bottles and flasks, reverse osmosis systems, dispensers, water bottles, CO2 cylinders, UV lamps, carbonators, taps, Filter jugs, Hydraulic fittings.


"H2O is the ideal solution to have exceptional water at affordable prices"

Water Solution

"The goal of H2O is to become the reference for the purchase, rental, maintenance and spare parts for any professional drinking water system."

Art For Water