ACME-2G - M11X1 adapter



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It is an adapter to be able to use disposable cylinders with M11X1 connection on ACME connections.

The disposable cylinders sold by us can thus be used on all domestic carbonators with ACME connection.

The adapter is purchased for the first time and can then be used over and over again.


Disposable cylinders are cheaper than refillable cylinders.

The disposable cylinders have 600 gr. of co2 against the rechargeable ones that have 400 gr. (30% more).

There is no need to return the vacuum.

The cylinder is disposed of as urban waste, ferrous materials.

Instructions for Use

1) Screw the adapter to the disposable co2 cylinder.

2) Loosely screw the adapter (including the cylinder) to the carbonator.

3) Finally bere a lot of water. . . at least 2 liters per day!

Carbonators brands with compatible attachment:

Sodastream (all models)


Beghelli (the water machine)


Happy Frizz

Other carbonators with ACME connection

To see if your cylinder is compatible.

Data sheet

Adapter material: HR Aluminum Alloy

Treatments: Anodized (Anthracite)

Main attack: ACME-2G

Tank connection: M11X1

Adapter size M11X1 (cm): 2 (D) x 4.5 (H)

Weight: 39 gr