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Cutting reverse osmosis system



€ 90,00 tax excl.

€ 109,80 tax incl.


Have you bought a reverse osmosis system and do not know who to contact for maintenance and assistance? H2O takes care of it! We are the leading company in the installation and maintenance of reverse osmosis systems for home and professional use.

The H2O coupon is aimed at keeping the quality of the water supplied always high.

To use this service:

  • Call us on 06 5010699 for assistance on how to disassemble the plant
  • Put it in its original box (if available)
  • Send it to our headquarters in Rome at H2O WATER STORE in Viale luigi schiavonetti 270

The technician will perform the following service:

  • water analysis to verify the fixed residue (in microsiemens) and the correct functioning of the membranes.
  • check that the correct accessories are present
  • control of pipes and quick fittings
  • correct water flow control
  • check the correct functioning of the carbonator (if present)
  • check correct carbonation of the water (if present)
  • check correct operation of the UV lamp (if present) and clean the glass quartz
  • check the absence of water leaks from the hydraulic circuit
  • ice bank check (if present)
  • check correct functioning of the solenoid valves (if present)
  • sanitizing the system with special products
  • replacement of the pre-filter (only if internal to the system)
  • compilation of the appropriate plant register for correct hygiene practice

Are excluded:

any spare parts to replace (e.g. membranes and pre-filters outside the system.)
• collection of the system by H2O courier. € 15.00
• any repairs and components (you can request a quote)

They are included:

• the technical service listed
• the replacement pre-filter (if internal to the system)
• the sanitation of the entire plant
• the return of the plant by H2O