Digiflow 8000T LCD electronic flow meter



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Digital liter counter to measure the passage of water and time.

The LCD display allows you to set the autonomy of the filter in use, to know exactly when it is necessary to replace it, through an acoustic (alarm) and visual (flashing) signal.

It instantly detects the water flow.

Runs on AAA alkaline batteries

Data sheet

Technical features

The liter-counter is accessed every time the water passes, and turns off automatically after 10 seconds, if there has not been a further passage of water.

To see the past volume of water, just press the display button, and press display again to see the remaining autonomy of the filter.

When the autonomy of the filter is over, the meter produces an audible alarm to remind the user that it is necessary to change the filter.

When the batteries need to be replaced, the liter-counter emits two beeps, in case of total exhaustion the liter-counter will keep the data in memory.


How to set the filter capacity:

    1. press and hold the "display" button for 4-5 seconds
    2. press the reset button
    3. release both buttons.
    4. Now you can set the filter capacity by pressing the display button (holding it down and not releasing it is possible to speed up the selection sequence).
    5. Once the filter capacity has been chosen, to save the settings press the "reset" button.
    6. Press the "display" button to set after how many days the liter counter must emit the alarm.
    7. The setup procedure will end after 10 seconds without input

How to reset the liter counter:

    1. Press and hold the "reset" button for 8 seconds
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