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Geo 75 / L 2/3 HP


  • Geo 75 / L 2/3 HP Pre-mix system
  • Standard horizontal version with fairing
  • Without coil and without pump
  • Body in stainless steel
  • Brackets for evaporator containment, integrated coil spacer function
  • Ergonomic plastic lifting handles
  • Removable overflow level with hose connection
  • Evaporator made of Gelidus reme tube
  • Thermostat bulb removable from a special probe, even in case of failure
  • Optimized forced ventilation condenser in copper aluminum equipped with conveyor with motor fan
  • Beer and beverage coils in 316L stainless steel and / or 304 stainless steel with pickling and passivation treatment, length and diameter depending on the product to be dispensed
  • Adjustable mechanical thermostat
  • On / off switch with indicator light
  • Tank insulation to reduce heat loss
  • Tank insulation made with expanded polyurethane with CO2 expanding gas (HFC free)
  • Control panel with internal protection box, which ensures greater protection of the electrical components.
  • Standard rollers
  • Tank drain
  • Energy saving compressor
  • Dimensions (cm): 55.7 (L) x 76.7 (W) x 56.4 (H)
  • On request:
  • - with up to 7 coils (single plant)
  • - with pump 7m, 12m, 18m
  • - with 6.5m Compact pump with EBM agitator