Rubinetto modello G100 CHWG

Posted By: On: Monday, February 4, 2019 Hit: 4362

The ideal tap for dispensing purified hot water. Designed to be combined with sink purifiers.

Most of the taps for purifiers are not designed for the supply of water at high temperatures. For this reason, if you have an under sink purifier that supplies hot water, the ideal is to use the G100 CHWG 5-way tap. This model is made with materials resistant to the supply of water, up to temperatures of 95 ° C.


  • 1 outlet for purified water (hot, cold, sparkling)
  • - side lever (small knob)
  • 1 outlet for the untreated water from the aqueduct (hot / cold)
  • - side lever (large knob)